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Water pollution and water scarcity pose a critical challenge to the world. Demand for clean water is steadily rising and creating a real urgency to convert available resources to usable water. The desalination industry that turns seawater into potable water is growing globally at a rate of 15 to 20 percent every year. 

Codeline membrane housings have a history of successful operation in industrial and municipal water treatment. Many of the world’s most prestigious water treatment operations use our membrane housings. The housings provide high structural stability and high system performance efficiency, making them the preferred choice for Reverse Osmosis (RO) operations around the world. 

Reverse osmosis is a membrane-based process technology to purify water by separating the dissolved solids from the feed stream, dividing it into permeate and reject streams. The purified water or permeate can be used in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications. 

RO technology is used in nearly every application to purify water today, and is set to dominate the future. 

RO systems offer many advantages:
  • Removes inorganic and organic pollutants simultaneously
  • Simple to design and operate, with low maintenance requirements and modular in nature, making expansion easy
  • Allows recovering and recycling of waste process streams without affecting the material being recovered
  • Requires less energy compared to other water purification technologies
  • Greatly increases capacity flexibility in desalination plants because of the system’s modular structure

Codeline RO membrane housings are widely used in industrial water treatment units and in the production of usable water from almost any source. Our vessels have proven to be highly efficient for a wide range of challenging and demanding applications in the water industry. 

With industry-rooted R&D and market-leading expertise, we are continuously improving our products. We introduced superior features like flat sealings, threaded side-ports, quick lock system, multiporting facilities, Octa technology (for 8-inch side-ported pressure vessels), the fail-safe shell and the single-piece head. 
All of these features contribute to system efficiency and sustainable operations.  

Continuous innovation, flexibility in vessel size and pressure ratings, and full conformance with global quality and safety standards have kept Codeline housings in demand for long-term RO applications. As the best choice for OEM’s, consultants and RO system integrators, we will continue to provide world class solutions to our customers, and set the global standard in pressure vessels. 

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