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The fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) pressure vessels of Codeline are the world’s leading membrane housings for critical and demanding water applications such as desalination and reverse osmosis (RO).

With industry best practices and the highest quality standards applied to continuous innovation, Codeline’s FRP pressure vessels feature threaded sideports, a quick lock system, flat sealing and multiporting facilities, fail-safe shells and a single-piece head.  

The FRP pressure vessels are available with 2.5 inch, 4 inch and 8 inch diameters. The extended versions available with 8.7 inch and 9 inch diameters are exclusively applicable with X-Flow membranes and the Codeline Ecoline series. The membrane housings are available for operating pressures of 150 psi, 300 psi, 450 psi, 600 psi, 1000 psi & 1200 psi, and compliant with ASME Sec X, NSF, and CE.

Codeline vessels are highly suitable for use in desalination processes, including reverse osmosis processes. The Codeline vessels are used in a wide range of demanding applications, such as municipal water treatment, the oil & gas sector including FPSO applications, food & beverage plants, electronics manufacturing, the power industry, wastewater treatment, the mining industry, the pharmaceutical industry, industrial water treatment, the automotive industry and commercial water treatment. Long-term continuous use of the pressure vessels, as well as easy maintenance and serviceability, are key to the global success and brand reputation of Codeline.

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