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Malta & Gozo


Protecno Srl, Italy


Water Service Corporation, Malta


Municipal wastewater treatment plant


Urban reuse


3 plants with different capacity


Malta is the first country in the Mediterranean to treat all its wastewater. Malta and Gozo have three wastewater treatment plants: at Ras il-Hobz in Gozo, at Ta’ Barkat in Malta’s south and at Ic-Cumnija near Popeye’s Village. The focus is upon treating wastewater up to irrigation level to provide water for the various urban regenerations. It will purify municipal wastewater, through reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration technology (UF), so wastewater does no longer need to be dumped at sea, but instead can be used as second class water for irrigation, industrial reuse and refilling of wells. This is an environment friendly initiative towards sea water pollution. By installing Codeline 8 Inch membrane housings the plants are able to achieve efficient operation to convert the feed water to permeate water.

The capacity of the 3 plants:

  • South plant: 550 m3/h feed water & 375 m3/h permeate water
  • North plant: 410 m3/h feed water & 250 m3/h permeate water
  • Gozo plant: 205 m3/h feed water & 62,5 m3/h permeate water

600 PSI and 450 PSI pressure vessels with 7 membrane elements are used to optimize system efficiency by erecting compact RO skids with muliports and different sizes of F / C ports.

scope of supply

  • No. of vessels required:
    90 for South, 60 for North, 30 for Gozo

  • Type of vessels:
    Codeline 80S60 & Codeline 80S45

  • Pressure rating:
    600 PSI & 450 PSI
  • Type of entry:
    Side entry

  • Size of the ports:
    1.5 Inch, 2 Inch & 2.5 Inch (multiports)

  •  Element length:
     Seven elements