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The first Codeline membrane housing was introduced in 1976. Ever since, Codeline has been continuously shaping the water treatment industry with pioneering developments driven by industry leading expert engineers. 

The Codeline Research & Development department has highly qualified specialists in the areas of FRP vessel manufacturing. The team of R&D professionals works in close coordination with other Codeline departments to meet specific customer requirements. The benefits of this full integration of research and product development are visible in the various solutions for our customers across the globe. 

In the course of four decades, the team in our center for manufacturing excellence in Goa, India, has developed into a global community of dedicated experts who continue their tradition of setting industry standards.

Intensive knowledge exchange within international networks, other Pentair companies and technical partnerships has created an environment in which solutions are developed for the world’s most challenging projects. While the main focus is on membrane housing design and development for existing markets and applications, Codeline also relishes new opportunities to explore new ideas and innovation opportunities, both in vessel design and efficient project execution.

Our well-equipped and state of the art manufacturing facilities, highly trained and skilled experts, and unrivalled manufacturing processes make our R&D department increasingly attractive to new scientific talent. The extensive research and the construction of numerous installations across the world has created an impressive knowledge base and led to the adoption of Codeline technology in a growing range of industrial applications. 

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new product launch

In 2015  a new UF membrane housing was introduced, called Xiga 90S30. This membrane housing is targeted for the highly specified Oil & Gas market. It passed all the stringent requirements of ASME, and is therefore eligible to bear ASME stamps, as per project requirements. It is suitable for a Sea Water Environment. The first order was for the Kraken FPSO project and consisted of 72 housings of the 90S30-6 membranes and 288 UF membranes. 
The Codeline presence in the Oil & Gas sector for UF will be significant with this product.