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For over four decades, Codeline has led the membrane housing industry by continually raising the bar for performance through outstanding expertise and innovations. Some of the benchmark innovations were first brought to market by Codeline. We want to further elaborate on 3 of our innovations.

THE OCTA technology

In keeping with the tradition of setting industry benchmarks, Codeline pioneered the OCTA technology. The OCTA series is unique because it provides the ‘Best-Fit-Flat-Surface’ for multiporting inside a conventional circular membrane housing.

Pentair Codeline -  OCTA technology

OCTA fast facts: 

  • Octagonal shape is formed inside a circular membrane housing
  • The shape provides the ‘Best-Fit-Flat- Surface‘ for a multiport membrane housing
  • ‘Unique Octagonal Groove Forming‘ technology is used for manufacturing

threaded side ports

The threaded side ports are another groundbreaking innovation in the world of RO pressure vessels. IPS grooved sideports are threaded into the vessel shell. The threaded port facilitates easy port and seal replacement in the field and allows for quick on-site maintenance, reducing downtime and improving system performance.

Pentair Codeline - Threaded Side Port


The Quick lock head retention system is an innovation that allows easy on-site access to the membranes. The single-piece retention system does not require tools and is available for pressures up to 1200 psi. Quick lock significantly reduces downtime and allows easy access to the membranes.
Pentair Codeline  - Quick Lock System
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