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15 May 2017

Create value as a partner

A partnership with Pentair helps you to improve your products and services, gain a competitive edge and build customer loyalty. Being in the Partner Program brings all of us many benefits. Often overl...

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A partnership with Pentair helps you to improve your products and services, gain a competitive edge and build customer loyalty. Being in the Partner Program brings all of us many benefits. Often overlooked are the growing opportunities to work together, share ideas and know-how, and create new solutions for target markets or specific customer needs.

The Pentair Partner Program:

Partner Portal
This online environment, created especially to provide dedicated information to Pentair partners, can be accessed with a username and password. Here you find product details, including technical specifications and drawings, digital tools, training information, and the contact information of our product managers and your personal account manager.

R&D department
Pentair partners can take advantage of all available know-how at our R&D department. The innovative spirit at R&D is reflected by a team with practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and fresh thinking. Partners get the opportunity to benefit from our research facilities and expertise. Practical questions are always welcome at the R&D department. Our specialists enjoy solving issues, and your questions can be the first steps towards new developments, performance improvements, and innovations.

Projection tool
This design and simulation software for ultrafiltration systems is developed in-house and is used by customers all over the world. More than two decades of experience with membrane technology and application know-how have resulted in advanced software for UF system design, readily at your disposal. With minimal input data, the projection tool allows you to design an entire UF plant, including all the required ancillary equipment, and simulate the effects of various solutions. 

Pentair University
The University offers a quick and efficient way to develop your abilities and become an expert.
The training sessions provide you with everything you need to properly design a membrane system for a great variety of water and wastewater applications, or apply our technologies such as pressure vessels or media filtration. 
In a typical University training, all relevant aspects of Pentair products and applications are presented and trained in several days. Our experts will assist you with specific project issues if and when required, effectively giving your organization permanent access to our engineers and knowledge base. 

Partner and customer events
Pentair partners can count on support in setting up customer events. Such events are either centered on a specific water treatment theme or a particular industry. Customers of partners will be informed and educated about membrane technology and Pentair solutions in their industry or region. 
Pentair frequently organizes customer events on technical topics

Partners have the inside track when it comes to dividing our attention and setting priorities. The value ofextensive knowledge and experience becomes clearly visible in the high quality contributions our engineers can make to the flawless operation of your filtration installations. Their help makes the difference in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and reliability.

Pentair also facilitates pilot plant projects. Pilots serve to validate pre-designed systems for full-scale projects, and to optimize operational settings and system performance. They also allow for the establishment of KPIs such as plant capacity, permeate quality, energy and chemicals consumption,
and overall recovery rates. Performance optimization is a continuous process of data exchange and discussion between engineers. Plug & play rental pilot plants, and the associated piloting assistance, allows both partners and end users to get familiar with Pentair technology and see how it performs in certain conditions or demanding applications.

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