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  • 14 inch
  • 21 inch
  • Dash 1 (1x40")
  • Dash 2 (2x40")
  • Dash 3 (3x40")
  • Dash 4 (4x40")
  • Dash 5 (5x40")
  • Dash 6 (6x40")
  • Dash 7 (7x40")
  • Dash 8 (8x40")


  • 150 psi
  • 300 psi
  • 450 psi
  • 600 psi
  • 1000 psi
  • 1200 psi


  • 2.5 inch
  • 4 inch
  • 8 inch


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Pentair Codeline  corporate story

Codeline pressure vessels make the most of water purification projects. With superior pressure vessel technology, we help equipment manufacturers, engineering and construction contractors to build the world’s most reliable and cost-effective membrane water treatment systems.

older products

Pentair Codeline - Old Products Drawings
In addition to our current product information, we also provide old product information on our website.
Old product names, drawings and the spare parts list are available on one structured webpage and are downloadable as a PDF file.
The old products are divided into 2,5”,  4” and 8”, making it is easy to navigate and easy to quickly find what you need.

featured cases

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Marafiq, Saudi Arabia

Sea Water

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Water Service Corporation, Malta

Urban reuse


Pentair Codeline Aqualine

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Pentair - Aquatech 2015 Codeline pressure vessels

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